Christina Disington


Christina Disington (1980) was born in Trondheim, Norway and is currently living in Larvik, a small town two hours drive from Oslo. 

She is a young figurative, self-taught artist and her paintings are mainly oil on canvas. For the past few years she has been exhibiting in New York, New Jersey, Copenhagen and Norway. 

Disington also attended an Artist in Residency program at Mana Contemporary, Jersey City in 2015 and at Galleri Ramfjord’s residency in 2019.

Disington is influenced by artists such as Marlene Dumas, Jenny Saville and Sally Mann. Their ability to depict human conditions and relations in a genuinely bold, yet tender manner inspires her. She also uses her own background and experiences, as her own daily life has a particular interest in the conflicting emotions of motherhood. She has a life-long fascination and eye for the comical in human interactions and behaviour. Balance and edginess are key words in her artwork.

Christina Disingtons paintings captures genuine and tender moments in human interaction. Her paintings are emotional, funny and quirky, beautiful, yet ugly and somewhat disturbing. Sometimes she arrange photoshoots with costumes and props as references for her paintings. The models tends to be close friends and family. She wants to feel a connection to her subjects in order to extract certain aspects of their personality. Thus, the observer will create a narrative based on his/her own background and thoughts on the subject at hand.

“I have always been fascinated with people who linger at the edge of madness. Of exploring the limits between seriousness and humour, the common and the odd. Musicians who are almost, but not quite, out of key. With my paintings I am aspiring to seek out the delicate balance between contrasting emotions, and how it challenges human boundaries”.