Gabriel Schmitz


Gabriel Schmitz, born 1970 in Dortmund, Germany, is a figurative painter. He studied painting at Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland, from 1990 to 1994, followed by a Master in European Fine Art in Barcelona, where he continues to live and work. 

His work has been shown widely in Europe, with regular exhibitions in Barcelona, Paris, Oslo, London and Madrid. And in recent years his work found resonance in artfairs in USA and Asia. When he first participated at SCOPE artfair with Galleri Ramfjord during Art Basel week in 2015 he was mentioned by Blowin Arts Magazine as one of the 5 highlights at the fair and got a full page review. 

His origins are rooted in German expressionism although later the influences widened. British painters such as Frank Auerbach, Francis Bacon or, to a lesser extent, Lucian Freud had a great impact on him, and  other creative fields soon became sources of inspiration, above all contemporary dance, but also cinema, theatre and literature. The fascination for foreign cultures has led to a wide range ethnical references in his work, as well as a series of travel sketchbooks that serve to ground his work in actual experience. Likewise he collaborates with dance companies, and since 2015 has embarked on a series of artistic residencies in the U.S., always looking for new inspiration for his paintings and drawings.