Karoline Kaaber


Karoline Kaaber (1969) is born in Oslo, Norway, where she lives and works. 

She is a self-taught artist, although since 2000 she was trained by several renown figurative artists such as Natalie Holland, Per Lundgren and Carlos Madrid.

She paints in oil and her main focus is the human figure, even though she is well known for her impressionistic city scapes. She prefers to use rough brush strokes as a way to create a variety of mood and expression. The story of her subjects is captured through the depiction of their feelings.

For the past 8 years she has participated in group exhibitions at Gulden Kunstverk, Soli Brug, Townley Galleri (US), Galleri Nicoline hus, Mana Contemporary (US) and Galleri Ramfjord (NO). She had several solo exhibitions at Galleri Ramfjord, Bærum Kunstforening, Galleri Nicoline hus, Galleri Osebro, Galleri Rød Jeløy, Galleri Soon, Galleri Oxholm (DK) and participated in different art fairs; Art Copenhagen, Scope New York, Scope Basel, Scope Miami and AAF Stockholm. In 2016, the attended an artist residency program at ESKFF, Mana Contemporary, New Jersey, US.

Her artwork is sold to private collectors all over the world.

“To me, it is important to paint with the heart. My paintings start as an idea, but I rarely know the outcome. I let the expression live and grow on the canvas. I use a long time on each piece, often with thick brushstrokes and many layers. In this process, I have to dare to be completely honest, open and vulnerable. I search for the innermost thought. The deepest point in life.” - Karoline Kaaber