Lene Kilde


Lene Kilde (1981) born in Norway, where she is currently living and working. She completed her Master Degree in Product Design in 2012 at Oslo and Akershus University College. This was in Applied Sciences at the Faculty of technology, art and design, with emphasis in form and sculpture. The following year she was awarded The Norwegian Arts Council 3 -year work scholarship for young artists. 

Lene Kilde creates sculptures inspired by children and their universal emotional body language. A language that according to the artist is the purest form of communication. Kilde has visualized this by showing very few parts of the sculpted body - often only hands and feed which she has placed in accurate proportion to each other with the use of braided copper. The sculptures invite the audience to complete the human form by the use of their own imagination. To interact. Her work is mainly made in concrete and steel / copper wire, but she recently started to experiment in bronze.

Lene Kilde`s works are represented by Galleri Ramfjord. (Oslo, Norway.) Gallery Arts Range (Honfleur, France) Bruno Dahl, Gallery (Aarhus, Denmark) Belvedere Art Space (Beirut, Lebanon) Minima Gallery (Mykonos, Greece) and Hiro Hiro Art Space, (Taipei, Taiwan).

In 2014, she made a 8 ton and 3,5 meter tall sculpture placed on the sea floor of Grenada underwater sculpture park. One of Lene Kilde's sculptures was also aquired by NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Network) in 2013. In 2012 Kilde was asked by Norways largest hospital Ahus, to embellish their premises.

Articles about Kildes art has been published in Art magazines such as “Hi- Fructose magazine » «My modern met» and «The Blue review ».