Mai Lashauri


Mai Lashauri (1986) graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of Arts in 2009 before embarking on a career in arts and painting.   

The young artist has been distinguished with the Outstanding Talent award at the 2015 Al Asmakh International Symposium of Art in Doha, Qatar. Some of her solo exhibitions have been hosted at venues such as T.G. Nili Art Space gallery, TBC Gallery in Tbilisi, Ensemble d'Art Contemporain Hammamet Tunisia and Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo, Norway. Lashauri’s artwork has also been featured at group displays at the Beijing International Art Biennial and MH Art Gallery in Bilbao, amongst other galleries. Lashauri recently exhibitied at Beijing's National Art Museum in China. She had her first solo exhibition in Norway at Galleri Ramfjord in 2017 with huge success, following with participation at AQUA Art Miami in December 2017 and SCOPE Miami in 2018. 

Mai Lashauri often draws and paints at night or as soon as she wakes up because she wants to make her dreams come true immidiatly after she wakes up. She communicates fear, jealousy, humour and joy in her work and says that she sometimes feels that it is not herself who actually paints and that the motives sometimes arise by themselves. Her paintings are often layers of many paintings painted over and over again. 

Lashauri has also participated at Artist in residency programs in New York, Oslo, Egypt, Tunisia and Lebanon. She is currently represented by Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo, Norway.