Peter Sutton

United Kingdom

Peter Sutton (1967) is born and raised in England. He moved to Norway in 2001 and been living with his family in Trondheim ever since.

He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Glass Architectural stained glass from Swansea College of Art. After several years of working on public commissions in stained glass, he took up painting again 6 years ago. 

The artist has won several national and international competitions for public stained glass commissions, like churches, culture centers and windows in a building at the foot of London Bridge. For his previous work in stained glass in England, he was awarded the title `Freedom of the city of London`. He was purchased by Trondheim City Council, St Olavs Hospital, North Trondelag Museum. He also received 3 grants (5 years all together) from the Norwegian Arts council.

Peter Suttons paintings are born out of a need to address, express, suggest and narrate life around him. The experienced moments, events and scenes that he paints must have a personal resonance and tension   –   then the journey of painting begins. This also amounts to creating tension through the mingling of narrative, suggestion and abstraction; of letting go of the subject but not the feeling,  so the painting can breathe.

As a viewer of his paintings, you can almost feel the stained glass artist, playing with light.
“It`s about lifting out the everyday. It`s about suggesting profundity and mystery in the banal. It`s about seeking affirmation in what is around me and presenting it for what it is, no answer`s required, with just a hope that the viewer is hit with a note of an everyday universal life reminder.”

Peter Sutton has participated in numerious exhibitions in Norway and is currently represented by Galleri Ramfjord in Oslo.