Robert Comploj


The glass artist was born in Tyrol in 1982, and knows his craft inside-out. It was only after completing his apprenticeship as a carpenter that he discovered his passion for glassblowing and travelled to Italy, North America, Denmark and England to be taught by the masters of the art. (Trained as a glassmaker at the Corning Museum of Glass in New York, participated in several Master Classes over a period of 7 years, and worked with and for some of the world's most renowned glass artists for 8 years – including Elio Quarisa and Davide Salvadore, the famous Murano Artists.)

Robert Comploj has now returned to Austria, where he combines old Venetian tradition with Scandinavian design. He modernises production techniques, introduces new colours, and experiments with form and structure. Today, only five years after founding his company, he is one of the very few Austrian glass artists who have made a name for themselves internationally.

His work ranges from a six-meter-long sculpture consisting of 1,340 massive amber-coloured glass balls to a glass harmonica. In addition to creating his own designs, the glass expert also takes on commissions from other artists.